Top 10 Tenants

Tenant1 Rating2 Country Property Type % of NOI3
RWE Global Net Lease Baa1 GER Office 5.4%
GSA global Net Lease AA+ US Office 5.1%
Family Dollar BBB- US Retail 4.4%
Fedex BBB US Distribution 3.4%
Quest BBB+ US Office 3.4%
Pound Stretcher A2 UK Distribution 3.4%
Tokmanni A FIN Office 3.1%
Fujitsu Baa2 UK Office 2.4%
AT&T A- US Office 2.4%
Sandoz AA- US Office 2.4%
Top Ten Tenants - Subtotal 37.0%

Source: All portfolio and financial information derived from unaudited company internal records. As of 12/31/2014 pro forma for acquisitions completed / under contract subsequent to year end as of 3/31/2015.
Note: All information is shown based on U.S. Dollar equivalent. Dollar equivalent amounts based on the exchange rates as of 5/28/2015 (GBP-USD of 1.53 and EUR-USD of 1.09).

(1) Pound Stretcher and Quest Diagnostics represent the tenant’s parent.

(2) FedEx Ground and AT&T represent the tenant’s parent rating. Tokmanni received a five-year guarantee from an A Rated bank. Pound Stretcher and Fujitsu represent Implied Ratings.

(3). Based on 2015E NOI. Estimated GAAP NOI represents an estimate and is not based on historical fact. See the discussion under the captions, “Forward Looking Statements” and “Projections” in this investor presentation for more information.